Social Media Kiosk (6 hrs)

Share your event in real time with our social media kiosks and let your guests to share that special moment on their social media feeds or make them feel like a rockstar and let them take home a beautiful memento with one of our red carpets. Pictures, GIFs, Loops, you name it, let everyone know that your event is the place to be!

Share your event in real time.

Social Media Kiosk & RED CARPETS

Red Carpets


- 3 hours of fun

- Unlimited prints (4x6)

- Classy dressed attendant

- Custom Design Graphics

- Fun Props

- Photo Book or Flash Drive


Nothing looks more glamorous than a gleaming, lustrous backdrop, professional photography lighting and a long 

magnificent red carpet and nothing makes a guest feel more welcome as well. 

Unlimited prints on the spot for you and your guests, frames and artwork created just for you, professional staff, the best photo gear and a deluxe photo-book with all your guests pictures will literally make your event unforgettable.

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